Discovering one’s ability is important when choosing the right track. A person’s values, skills and interests will greatly influence the career path that one might take. To start the career guidance module 10, the Grade 10 advisers, Ana Devina M. Yusi and Rafael A. Guillermo III, conducted two activities, self-portrait bag and dream collage. These aimed to ignite the creativity and resourcefulness that students harbor within them. Then, the teachers encouraged the students to elaborate their works. In creating the self-portraits bags, one must attempt to truly depict one’s self onto the bag by means of creating art. The work does not need to be meticulous or perfect, but it should bring out how they sincerely feel about themselves. Their final output represents their own view of their personalities, which were formed from their daily habits and how they lived their daily lives. Finally, the teachers emphasized to not share with other sections what transpired during the activity. Since the nature of the activity brought out personal experiences, it is natural to enforce strict confidentiality.